Howdy, financial blogosphere! After several months of reading personal finance blogs of people around the world and a good dash of procrastination, I finally, FINALLY took a shot at it and made one of my own. I am a 28-year old girl living in Manila, Philippines. As you all know, Philippines is a third world country (as my blog name suggest) or a ‘developing’ country, if you want to be more politically correct about it. I live with my parents (and my 2 older sisters), finished college in 2001, and passed the licensure exams for accountants (which make me a CPA) in October of 2001. Initially I worked for SGV & Co., the Philippine affiliate of Earnst & Young, as an external auditor but got tired of it and resigned just three months after. Currently I am working as a Supervisor for a company’s group of Financial Analysts, been here for a little over 3 years. Felt burned out several times already and nearly resigned earlier this year but still, here I am! This blog will generally contain my finances, thoughts on finances, and life as we know it, THIRD WORLD STYLE! Feel free to leave a note or comment in ANY of the posts. Now, sit back, buckle up, and enjoy the ride.

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